Customizing AOSP for different embedded devices


Android is a software stack that includes operating system, middle ware, applications for the development of devices. Android has evolved greatly and user experience in addition to consumer level efficiency along with integration of android powered devices also expanded. Because of its promising features and characteristics like open source nature, rich user interface, consistent app API's. Android is being integrated and ported to various embedded devices this includes enterprise desktop IP phones, cameras, modem, sensors, and set-up boxes, automotive. One major advantage of using android framework beyond the mobile devices is the android applications can talk to the functionality of all these devices powered by android and developers need not to write several applications for different embedded systems. This paper takes a look at the challenges in android migration to the different embedded platforms and porting issues. Here we presented description of preparing and building android operating system in local environment for developing apps and preparing Linux-kernel for the different embedded platform. we briefly explain how to customize AOSP then it can be transported into new devices like enterprise desktop IP phones and cameras once all these has been done android step forward into new embedded platform can be achieved.

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