Customized imaging for children and obese people: key issues and strategies


Doing the right things and doing them well is fundamental in everyday action, particularly in the medical profession. Choosing the proper technique and carrying it out properly are two separate things, as is appreciated by any professional involved in the performance of any diagnostic imaging technique. Furthermore, the practice of medicine, although largely encoded by guidelines, cannot be totally standardised, and efficacy and efficiency are two essential aspects of a personalised, or customised, approach to each patient. A few recent reports in the literature highlight this with respect to two particular issues: first, the use of ionising radiation in children, which is a source of ever-increasing concern, and second, the needs of the increasing population of obese patients who may not fit well on the imaging table and gantry owing to their excess weight and size, and in whom the body fat reduces the quality of the investigations.

DOI: 10.1007/s00259-006-0247-7

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