Customized e - Doc to expedite the Brazilian animal protein export process by sea


In Brazil, on 2012, the export by sea was responsible for 96% (525 million of tons) of the cargo shipped abroad. According to data of October of 2013, the animal protein was the second main agribusiness product exported, reaching 16.9% (U$1,431 million) of the sector's total transactions. The optimization of the export process impacts directly on its cost, therefore, on the competitiveness of the product on the market. This article presents a technological proposal to improve and streamline the Brazilian export process of animal protein by sea. The solution is based on ITS and Secure Supply Chain concepts applied to a management system, with new operational notion. The system underlies on a customized e-Doc, named Canal Azul Eletrônico (CA-e) and technologies (media, equipment and software engineering), like RFID and PKI, which allow the field to embrace the information technology. Its impact was measured over two practical case studies, which demonstrated significant benefits when adopted the proposed technological solution.

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