Customization of RegCM 3 Regional Climate Model for Eastern Africa and a Tropical Indian Ocean Domain

  title={Customization of RegCM 3 Regional Climate Model for Eastern Africa and a Tropical Indian Ocean Domain},
  author={Natasha Davis and John Frederick Bowden and Fredrick H. M. Semazzi and Lian Xie},
Rainfall is a driving factor of climate in the tropics and needs to be properly represented within a climate model. This study customizes the precipitation processes over the tropical regions of eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean using the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Regional Climate Model (RegCM3). The convective schemes of Grell with closures Arakawa–Schubert (Grell–AS)/Fritch–Chappel (Grell–FC) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology–Emanuel (MIT–EMAN) were… CONTINUE READING


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