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Customer Needs and Technology Analysis in New Product De velopment via Fuzzy QFD and Delphi

  title={Customer Needs and Technology Analysis in New Product De velopment via Fuzzy QFD and Delphi},
  author={Zo N-Yau Lee and Chung-Che Pai and Ch In-Fu Yang},
The advanced technology in terms of interaction between human and machine as well as considerable Emotion Interaction Products (EIP) promoted by companies have facilitated a new era. For example, voice recognition and synthesis, hand writing and hand signal identification and virtual reality technologies have enabled the connection between human and computer interaction. Moreover, the application is expended from PC, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) to mobile phone. Future technological… 

Mining innovation opportunities for handheld device cases using the fuzzy next method

  • Chih-Hung HsiehYu-Han ChenY. Wu
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of PICMET '14 Conference: Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology; Infrastructure and Service Integration
  • 2014
The results showed that the Fuzzy NeXT method not only precisely measured the gaps between user demands and technological availabilities, but also stimulated participation and interaction between suppliers and customers.

New Product Design Using Chebyshev's Inequality Based Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Z-Fuzzy QFD Method

In Quality function deployment (QFD) approach, customers tend to express their needs in linguistic terms rather than exact numerical values and these needs generally contain vague and imprecise

Delivery Drone Design Using Spherical Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment

Customer requirements (CRs) for a delivery drone design are first determined and they are tried to be satisfied by design requirements (DRs) in this chapter to employ Spherical fuzzy QFD (SF-QFD) in the design of delivery drones.

Desain Produk Makanan Ringan untuk Ibu Hamil dengan Menggunakan Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

ABSTRACT Adequacy of nutrition during pregnancy is one of the important factors in determining the development of the fetus. Snack for pregnant women is an alternative food choice that is appropriate

The impact of different styles of ‘ leadership ’ and levels of ‘ organisational innovation ’ on ‘ organisational performance ’ : a case of hospitality industry in Thailand

-In the rapidly changing business environment, organisations call for managers capable of adopting innovative knowledge to participate in the digital era. In this research, a total of 419 completed



Framework of a fuzzy quality function deployment system

SUMMARY Quality function deployment (QFD) is a planning methodology for translating customer needs into appropriate product features. In QFD operation, relationship matrices are used to describe the

Rating the importance of customer needs in quality function deployment by fuzzy and entropy methods

A typical quality function deployment (QFD) consists of four phases. Phase I (sometimes called house of quality), which translates customer needs for a product into technical measures (i.e. product

The implementation of quality function deployment based on linguistic data

This proposed fuzzy approach allows QFD users to avoid subjective and arbitrary quantification of linguistic data and to develop corresponding procedures to deal with the fuzzy data.

A Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment (FQFD) model for deriving optimum targets

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a powerful tool that translates the Voice of the Customer (VoC) into the Engineering Characteristics (ECs), which are those that can be modified in order to meet

Fuzzy logic and optimization models for implementing QFD