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Customer Knowledge Co-creation Process in New Product Development

  title={Customer Knowledge Co-creation Process in New Product Development},
  • Published 2010
  • Business
Customer knowledge has been increasingly accepted as a key strategic resource in any company’s success. It has been recognized in marketing as a significant resource that can be managed to support R&D, to improve innovation, to facilitate the sensing of emerging market opportunities and to support the management of long-term customer relationships. Technology can facilitate gathering and analyzing customer data as well as transferring customer information in an organization, but they are weak… 

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Customer knowledge management (CKM) is necessary fo r firms in order to benefit from customer engagement which is referred as active involvement in innovative product or service development.
Increasingly, producers and customers establish relationships to mutually undertake the development of an innovative product. Consequently, it will be always of interest for an innovative company to
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RESUMO Para inovar, organizações necessitam conhecer bem as necessidades e demandas dos clientes e conectar-se a eles para explorar ao máximo seus conhecimentos.Logo utilizar abordagens que lidem com


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Given the important role being played by knowledge management (KM) systems in the current customer-centric business environment, there is a lack of a simple and overall framework to integrate the
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It is shown that the benefit of using CRM and KM can be enhanced and the risk of failure reduced by integrating both approaches into a customer knowledge management (CKM) model.
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It is suggested that CKM is not a tool like CRM but a process that is designed to dynamically capture, create and integrate knowledge about and for customers.
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This study develops a research model that identifies the impact of KMS factors on customer knowledge creation process and NPD performance, the elements that interconnects K MS factors, customerknowledge creation process, and N PD performance, and the outcomes that are generated by this approach.
Customer Participation: Co-Creating Knowledge with Customers
  • Yiyi Yang, Rongqiu Chen
  • Business
    2008 4th International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing
  • 2008
The customer is considered to have potential to make contributions to value creation that are of mutual benefits to all actors in the value creating system. Encouraging customers to be "co-producers"
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As organisations develop their customer knowledge practices, processes and competence, consumers and citizens need an increasingly sophisticated appreciation of the potential for, and nature of,