Cuspy dark matter density profiles in massive dwarf galaxies

  title={Cuspy dark matter density profiles in massive dwarf galaxies},
  author={Laurence H. Cooke and Rebecca C. Levy and Alberto D. Bolatto and Joshua D. Simon and Andrew B. Newman and Peter J. Teuben and Brandon D. Davey and Melvyn C. H. Wright and Elizabeth Tarantino and Laura Lenki{\'c} and Vicente Villanueva},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
Rotation curves of galaxies probe their total mass distributions, including dark matter. Dwarf galaxies are excellent systems to investigate the dark matter density distribution, as they tend to have larger fractions of dark matter compared to higher mass systems. The core-cusp problem describes the discrepancy found in the slope of the dark matter density profile in the centres of galaxies (β*) between observations of dwarf galaxies (shallower cores) and dark matter-only simulations (steeper… 

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In NGC4310, there are small residuals

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