Cushing's syndrome: Stepwise approach to diagnosis

  title={Cushing's syndrome: Stepwise approach to diagnosis},
  author={Anurag Ranjan Lila and V G Sathiya Sarathi and Varsha S. Jagtap and Tushar Bandgar and Padmavathy S. Menon and Nalini Samir Shah},
  booktitle={Indian journal of endocrinology and metabolism},
The projected prevalence of Cushing's syndrome (CS) inclusive of subclinical cases in the adult population ranges from 0.2-2% and it may no longer be considered as an orphan disease (2-3 cases/million/year). The recognition of CS by physicians is important for early diagnosis and treatment. Late-night salivary cortisol, dexamethasone suppressiontesti, or 24-h urine free cortisol are good screening tests. Positively screened cases need stepwise evaluation by an endocrinologist. This paper… CONTINUE READING

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