Curvit: An open-source Python package to generate light curves from UVIT data

  title={Curvit: An open-source Python package to generate light curves from UVIT data},
  author={Prajwel Joseph and C. S. Stalin and Shyam N. Tandon and S. K. Ghosh},
  journal={Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy},
Curvit is an open-source Python package that facilitates the creation of light curves from the data collected by the Ultra-Violet Imaging Telescope (UVIT) onboard AstroSat, India’s first multi-wavelength astronomical satellite. The input to Curvit is the calibrated events list generated by the UVIT-Payload Operation Center (UVIT-POC) and made available to the principal investigators through the Indian Space Science Data Center. The features of Curvit include: (i) automatically detecting sources… 
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