Curves and surfaces for computer aided geometric design

  title={Curves and surfaces for computer aided geometric design},
  author={Gerald E. Farin},
  • G. Farin
  • Published 28 May 1990
  • Computer Science
Interactive rendering of parametric spline surfaces
The results demonstrate that the algorithm presented can indeed generate high-fidelity images of large engineering models on current graphics systems, and obtain interactive rendering performance at the same time, and the effectiveness of using higher-order surfaces, as opposed to polygons.
Title : Bézier Curves and Surfaces Name :
Bézier curves and surfaces are a representation of such polynomial pieces that makes their interactive design easier and more intuitive than with other representations of geometry in CAGD.
Geometric modeling based on triangle meshes
Course Summary This course is designed to cover the entire geometry processing pipeline based on triangle meshes. We will present the latest concepts for mesh generation and mesh repair, for geometry
Curve and Surface Constructions
Modeling the Film Hierarchy in Computer Animation Final Reading Approval Approved for the Major Department
Conventional B-spline modeling software o ers the designer shape interaction and manipulation through editing the associated control points, orders, and knot vector parameters. Such modeling is
Apex: Two architectures for generating parametric curves and surfaces
Two architectures for a VLSI co-processor chip that generates a large class of spline descriptions extremely quickly are described, based on a generalization of the de Casteljau algorithm for Bézier curves and the de Boor algorithm forB-splines that generates points on a curve or surface in a data-flow fashion.