Curvelet Based Contrast Enhancement in Fluoroscopic Sequences

  title={Curvelet Based Contrast Enhancement in Fluoroscopic Sequences},
  author={Carole Amiot and Catherine Girard and Jocelyn Chanussot and J{\'e}r{\'e}mie Pescatore and Michel Desvignes},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging},
Image guided interventions have seen growing interest in recent years. The use of X-rays for the procedure impels limiting the dose over time. Image sequences obtained thereby exhibit high levels of noise and very low contrasts. Hence, the development of efficient methods to enable optimal visualization of these sequences is crucial. We propose an original denoising method based on the curvelet transform. First, we apply a recursive temporal filter to the curvelet coefficients. As some residual… CONTINUE READING


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