Corpus ID: 133566614

Curved color-variable fabric

  title={Curved color-variable fabric},
  • 张晓明
  • Published 2012
  • Engineering
  • A curved color-variable fabric. Warps adopt the mixed fiber formed by PBT fiber and nylon 66 fiber, wefts adopt the mixed fiber formed by color-variable fiber and cashmere fiber. The warp yarn count is 123 s/2, the weft yarn count is 86 s/2, the density of warp and weft is 107*105, the gram weight is 75, the warp compactness is 56.8, and the weft compactness is 62.7. The fabric adopts a curved twill-weave structure. The textile fabric is reasonable in structure, good in using performance and… CONTINUE READING

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