Curvature in Special Base Conformal Warped Products

  title={Curvature in Special Base Conformal Warped Products},
  author={Fernando R. Dobarro and B{\"u}lent {\"U}nal},
  journal={Acta Applicandae Mathematicae},
We introduce the concept of a base conformal warped product of two pseudo-Riemannian manifolds. We also define a subclass of this structure called as a special base conformal warped product. After, we explicitly mention many of the relevant fields where metrics of these forms and also considerations about their curvature related properties play important rolls. Among others, we cite general relativity, extra-dimension, string and super-gravity theories as physical subjects and also the study of… 

About curvature, conformal metrics and warped products

We consider the curvature of a family of warped products of two pseduo-Riemannian manifolds (B, gB) and (F, gF) furnished with metrics of the form c2gB ⊕ w2gF and, in particular, of the type w2μgB ⊕

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