Curvature based human face recognition using depth weighted Hausdorff distance

  title={Curvature based human face recognition using depth weighted Hausdorff distance},
  author={Yeung-hak Lee and Jae-Chang Shim},
  journal={2004 International Conference on Image Processing, 2004. ICIP '04.},
  pages={1429-1432 Vol. 3}
In this paper, we propose a novel implementation of a person verification system based on depth-weighted Hausdorff distance (DWHD) using the surface curvatures of the human face. This new method incorporates the depth information and curvatures of local facial features. The weighting function used in this paper is based on depth values, which have differential properties of a face according to the people, so that the distance of this extracted edge maps are emphasized. Experimental results… CONTINUE READING
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