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Curriculum convergence and divergence in 'Industrial Design' and 'Technology' programmes in Higher Education

  title={Curriculum convergence and divergence in 'Industrial Design' and 'Technology' programmes in Higher Education},
  author={Eric Norman},
Curriculum convergence and divergence in 'Industrial Design' and 'Technology' programmes in Higher Education 
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The Practice of Design Innovation in the Academic Context: The Project Portfolio by Brunel Design

Collaborations between academia and industry can be an effective way to build capabilities and generate value in design innovation. The Department of Design (Brunel Design) at Brunel University



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Career moves.

  • Medicine
    Nursing standard (Royal College of Nursing (Great Britain) : 1987)
  • 1988
The image of nursing - and of male nurses - in the eyes of the public must be radically altered if the profession is to attract more men.

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Have you ever noticed that when the economy shows strong growth in wages in manufacturing sectors, the stock value in those sectors often drops, but when jobs are slashed by as many as thousands or

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A newly developed taxonomy for graphicacy is presented, which has been designed to facilitate full curriculum audits and examples are given of how design and technology education contributes to teaching aspects of this new taxonomy, and hence to the general education of children.

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This paper begins by noting some background issues concerning the linking of science and design and technological activities. Some theoretical difficulties in expressing ideas about design and

A Neo-Darwinian view of technological literacy: a curiosity gene, technicity and ‘learning by doing’

Thistlewood’s three categories of designing – artefactual, evolutionary and historicist – are discussed and the constant probing at the boundaries of the guitar and other musical instrument families is noted.