Currents of the second kind in quasielastic scattering ofv( $$\tilde v$$ ) by free polarized nucleons

  title={Currents of the second kind in quasielastic scattering ofv(
\$\$\tilde v\$\$
) by free polarized nucleons},
  author={N. V. Samsonenko and Mohammed Awwalu Usman and A. D. Nevskii and A. Rivasplata},
  journal={Russian Physics Journal},
AbstractExpressions are obtained for the cross sections for scattering of high-energy (Ev ≫ Mc2, where M is the nucleon mass) neutrinos and antineutrinos by free polarized nucleons with currents of the second kind taken into account. The effect of the axial-tensor form factor FT of these currents on the spin asymmetry coefficients AL and AS and on the charge asymmetry coefficient $$B_{v\tilde v} $$ is considered. It is shown that experimental study of the energy dependence of these… CONTINUE READING