Current utility of staging laparoscopy for pancreatic and peripancreatic neoplasms.

  title={Current utility of staging laparoscopy for pancreatic and peripancreatic neoplasms.},
  author={Rebekah R White and Corrine B Winston and Mithat Gonen and Michael Ian D'Angelica and William M Jarnagin and Yuman Fong and Kevin Conlon and Murray F. Brennan and Peter J. Allen},
  journal={Journal of the American College of Surgeons},
  volume={206 3},
BACKGROUND The routine use of staging laparoscopy in patients with radiographically resectable pancreatic and peripancreatic neoplasms remains controversial. STUDY DESIGN We reviewed a prospective database that identified 1,045 patients who underwent staging laparoscopy for radiographically resectable pancreatic or peripancreatic tumors between 1995 and 2005. Radiographic resectability was determined by review of radiographic reports, surgeons' notes, and cross-sectional imaging studies… CONTINUE READING


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