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Current transformer circuits for power electronics applications

  title={Current transformer circuits for power electronics applications},
  author={John N. McNeill},
This thesis investigates the operation of the current transfonner (CT) when sensing retum-to-zero current pulses in power electronic circuitry. The CT's output signal is nonnally rectified when sensing current pulses and the effects of the different rectification techniques on peak current and average current droop are evaluated. Initially, the various current sensing techniques and their application in power electronics circuits are reviewed. The CT and both diode and synchronous… 



Active current transformer circuits for low distortion sensing in switched mode power converters

The current transformer (CT) is frequently used for sensing applications in switched mode power converters. Advantages are that galvanic isolation is inherently incorporated, bandwidth is high,

A DC current transformer for large bandwidth and high common-mode rejection

A review of known magnetic-coupled current-sensing techniques is presented and a novel technique is introduced, based on a configuration discussed in a previous paper, to obtain a high bandwidth and very high common-mode rejection current transformer without the need for a Hall effect probe.

An alternative low-cost current-sensing scheme for high-current power electronics circuits

  • A. Radun
  • Physics
    Conference Record of the 1990 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting
  • 1990
A lightweight, low-cost current sensor for application in high-current, high-frequency power inverters and power converters is described, which has as its input the output of the Rogowski coil.

A Simple Circuit for Direct Current Measurement Using a Transformer

A simple circuit for direct current (dc) measure- ment using a transformer is proposed. The circuit is based on nonlinear effects in the transformer ferromagnetic core, and it provides information

Application of Reset Voltage Feedback for Droop Minimization in the Unidirectional Current Pulse Transformer

This paper investigates the application of reset voltage feedback for reducing errors due to droop in the signal derived from a current transformer sensing unidirectional current pulses in

Technique for sensing inductor and DC output currents of PWM DC-DC converter

The design, analysis and trade-offs of a novel method to sense the inductor and DC output currents of PWM converters are presented. By sensing and adding appropriately the currents in the transistor,

Design of smart power synchronous rectifier

In low-output-voltage DC/DC power converters, power losses due to the conduction of rectifying devices are significant. Using synchronous rectifiers instead of the conventional fast recovery diodes

Auto-Calibrating DC Link Current Sensing Technique for Transformerless, Grid Connected, H-Bridge Inverter Systems

Power electronic inverters are commonly used for the interfacing of distributed generation systems to the electrical power network. These electronic inverters operate in a current controlled mode to

Design and experimental analysis of a DC to 1 MHz closed loop magnetoresistive current sensor

  • G. LaimerJ. Kolar
  • Engineering
    Twentieth Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition, 2005. APEC 2005.
  • 2005
This paper presents the improvement of a commercially available current sensor based on the anisotropic magneto-resistive effect for applications requiring high bandwidth current measurement such as

Single current sensor technique in the DC-link of three-phase PWM-VS inverters. A review and the ultimate solution

This paper proposes an ultimate solution for reconstruction of three phase-currents in a PWM-voltage source inverter by one current sensor in the DC-link, and it gives a review of existing methods in