Current status of the laparoscopic approach to liver resection.


UNLABELLED We present the current status of laparoscopic approach to liver resection. Indications, surgical techniques, complications, and results are based on a review of the literature. RESULTS Over 700 laparoscopic liver procedures have been reported since 1991. A vast majority (70%) of the procedures were performed for benign lesions. The remaining 30% were malignant tumors. Cyst fenestration and unroofing was the most frequently performed laparoscopic liver procedure (245 patients). Overall morbidity was 12% (56 patients). The overall conversion rate was 11% (36 patients). CONCLUSION Laparoscopic liver resection is feasible, with acceptable morbidity and mortality. Results should be confirmed in further prospective studies, especially for resection of malignant tumors.


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