Current status of molecular-targeted drugs for endometrial cancer (Review)

  title={Current status of molecular-targeted drugs for endometrial cancer (Review)},
  author={Yuya Nogami and Kouji Banno and Iori Kisu and Megumi Yanokura and Kiyoko Umene and Kenta Masuda and Yusuke Kobayashi and Wataru Yamagami and Hiroyuki Nomura and Eiichiro Tominaga and Nobuyuki Susumu and Daisuke Aoki},
  booktitle={Molecular and clinical oncology},
Endometrial cancer is a common gynecological malignant tumor in Western countries and its incidence has also been on the increase in Asia. Genetic abnormalities related to onset and progression of malignancy in the endometrial membrane and signaling system have been identified and the developmental mechanism of endometrial cancer is becoming elucidated. The identification of the molecules related to these abnormalities has led to new potential treatment regimens for endometrial cancer, using… CONTINUE READING