Current status and future scenarios of hemp breeding

  title={Current status and future scenarios of hemp breeding},
  author={Paolo Ranalli},
SummaryHemp is a multi-use crop, able to provide fiber, cellulose, seeds and seed oil, cannabinoid, and biomass. Integrating many agroindustrial chains, Cannabis is considered a crop model in which insights into specific metabolic pathways and biosynthetic processes are valuable for improvement of the plant for all sets of industrial derivatives. In this review the hemp breeding status is elucidated and many aspects are focused: (i) recovering, maintenance and characterization of genetic… 

Impact of Nitrogen Nutrition on Cannabis sativa: An Update on the Current Knowledge and Future Prospects

The available literature data on the impact of N in hemp is surveyed and the importance of studying those genes responding to both N nutrition and abiotic stresses are highlighted, to shed light on interesting candidate genes that can be further studied in hemp varieties growing under different N feeding conditions and showing high biomass yield and secondary metabolite production, even under salinity and drought.

Genetic Variability of Morphological, Flowering, and Biomass Quality Traits in Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)

The results suggest that pectin, agronomic traits, and fiber traits are unsuitable targets in breeding programs of hemp, as their large G×E interactions might lead to unexpected phenotypes in untested locations.

Elucidating the Genetic Architecture of Fiber Quality in Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) Using a Genome-Wide Association Study

New insights into the genetic architecture of fiber traits are provided, QTLs and candidate genes that form the basis for molecular breeding for high fiber quality hemp cultivars are identified and suggested.

Cadmium Tolerance and Bioaccumulation of 18 Hemp Accessions

Results showed that seedlings of all cultivars, except USO-31, Shenyang and Shengmu, could grow quite well under 25 mg Cd kg−1 (DW) soil condition and are good candidates for the implementation of the new strategy of cultivating biodiesel crops for phytoremediation of Cd-contaminated soils.

A Belated Green Revolution for Cannabis: Virtual Genetic Resources to Fast-Track Cultivar Development

A thorough critical review of Cannabis ex situ genetic resources is presented, and recommendations for conservation, pre-breeding characterization, and genetic analysis that will underpin future cultivar development are discussed.

A new technology for predicting the fiber content in hemp bast

Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) is a traditional fiber crop, which is becoming one of the most important industrial fibers, with a promising future in many fields. To accelerate the breeding of hemp

Revival of Industrial Hemp: A systematic analysis of the current global industry to determine limitations and identify future potentials within the concept of sustainability

Industrial hemp or Cannabis sativa L. is a quick growing, annual herb with a multitude of uses covering a range of products derived from fiber or oilseed that have been known throughout history.

Changes of photosynthesis-related parameters and productivity of Cannabis sativa under different nitrogen supply

The interest in cultivated plants that produce high-quality raw materials with a wide application spectrum has increased. The aim of the present study was to determine the impact of different doses

A Multimethodological Characterization of Cannabis sativa L. Inflorescences from Seven Dioecious Cultivars Grown in Italy: The Effect of Different Harvesting Stages

The chemical profile of the female inflorescence extracts from seven Cannabis sativa L. dioecious cultivars presented a peculiar chemical profile affected by the harvesting stage, which could be useful for producers and industries to harvest inflorescences in the appropriate stage to obtain samples with a peculiarchemical profile suitable for proper applications.



The Cultivation of Hemp: Botany, Varieties, Cultivation and Harvesting

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Associazione di Fattori Genetici (Linkage) in Cannabis Sativa L.

The analysis of the F1, F2, and F12 generations, after crossing and back-crossing the varieties Cannabis sativa L. var.

Advances in Hemp Research

This book discusses the phytochemistry of Cannabis, Hemp Seed, and its Ecological and Evolutionary Implications, and the role of nanofiltration in Hemp Breeding and Industry.

Identification of DNA markers linked to the male sex in dioecious hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)

A 400-bp RAPD marker generated by a primer of random decamer sequence has been found associated with the male sex phenotype in 14 dioecious cultivars and accessions of hemp and is suitable for a precise, early and rapid identification of male plants during breeding programs of dIOecious and monoecious hemp.

Genetic diversity of Cannabis sativa germplasm based on RAPD markers

RAPD markers provide a powerful tool for the investigation of genetic variation in cultivars/accessions of hemp and Variability within the two cultivars ‘Carmagnola’ and ‘Fibranova1’ was shown, suggesting good possibilities for long–term selection work.

The Applications of Molecular Markers in Genetics and Breeding of Hemp

The state of the art of sex genetics in hemp and the possibilities of developing molecular markers linked to different hemp chemotypes are discussed.