Current progress of 3D concrete printing technologies

  title={Current progress of 3D concrete printing technologies},
  author={Behzad Nematollahi and Ming Xia and Jay G. Sanjayan},
The construction industry is expected to go through large transformations since construction automation is anticipated to drastically alter standard processing technologies and could lead to possible disrupting technologies such as 3D concrete printing (3DCP). While 3D printing techniques have been successfully applied in a wide range of industries such as aerospace and automotive, its application in concrete construction industry is still in its infancy. 3DCP can allow freeform construction… 

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Cost Analysis of Various Factors for Geopolymer 3D Printing of Construction Products in Factories and on Construction Sites

3D printing of a geopolymer on a construction site is economically more advantageous compared to printing in the factory, and the study verified that raw material transportation cost has the least effect on the finished product cost, whereas pretreatments of raw material and mixing parameters significantly influenced the ultimate cost of the product.



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