Current perspectives on hematospermia: a review.

  title={Current perspectives on hematospermia: a review.},
  author={R Munkel witz and Svetlana Krasnokutsky and J. E. Lie and Sanjai M Shah and J Bayshtok and Sardar Ali Khan},
  journal={Journal of andrology},
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Hematospermia is a disconcerting symptom that produces extreme anxiety in sexually active male patients. To understand the pathophysiology of hematospermia, the anatomy of the ejaculatory system and neurophysiology of emission and ejaculation is essential. Emission and ejaculation must be present for hematospermia to occur. Hematospermia may be the result of inflammation, infection, ductal obstruction or cysts, neoplasms, vascular abnormalities, and systemic or iatrogenic factors. Most patients… CONTINUE READING