Current levels of airborne polyfluorinated telomers in Japan.

  title={Current levels of airborne polyfluorinated telomers in Japan.},
  author={Sayoko Oono and Kouji H Harada and Manal A. M. Mahmoud and Kayoko Inoue and Akio Koizumi},
  volume={73 6},
Fluorotelomer alcohols (FTOHs), a class of per- and poly-fluorochemicals (PFCs), are environmental contaminants characterized by high volatility and are therefore prone to long-range atmospheric transport. In this study, airborne FTOHs were identified in Japan using a newly developed passive air sampler containing activated carbon felts. Air sampling was conducted at 33 sites all over Japan from April to June 2007. 8:2 FTOH, the dominant analyte, ranged from <32 to 2466pgm(-3) (mean: 241pgm(-3… CONTINUE READING

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