Current issues in HIV/AIDS and insurance.

  • D Elliott
  • Published 1997 in Canadian HIV-AIDS policy & law newsletter


Insurance was rarely a major concern for Canadians with AIDS early in the AIDS epidemic, when life expectancies were short and drug treatments less expensive. However, with the advent of early diagnosis and triple-drug combinations, people with HIV/AIDS are now confronting insurance problems. In the first of a two-part series, fictional scenarios explore the current issues of obtaining insurance coverage. Insurance applications may ask for HIV status and some people apply for insurance when they suspect they may be infected to protect their coverage. Applying for insurance before confirming HIV status may lead the insurance companies to interpret HIV testing and treatment shortly after initiating coverage as possibly fraudulent and questionable. Group life and mortgage insurance issues, and pre- and post-test counseling are addressed. Recent court cases and their implications on insurance coverage are described, including Gibbs v. Battleford & District Cooperative Ltd., a mental health case that affects AIDS coverage.

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