Current initiatives in One Health: consolidating the One Health Global Network.

  title={Current initiatives in One Health: consolidating the One Health Global Network.},
  author={Alain Vandersmissen and Susan Christina Welburn},
  journal={Revue scientifique et technique},
  volume={33 2},
The Global Response to Avian Influenza has led to a longer-term One Health movement, which addresses risks, including zoonoses, at the human-animal- environment interface, and requires the development of innovative partnerships at the political, institutional and technical levels. One Health is a sustainable and rational option when the cumulative effects of health hazards on food and economic security are considered, but demands long-term financial investment. Projections of growth in the… 

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A review on One Health approach in Ethiopia

It is critical to continue raising awareness of One Health approach and foster leaders to work across disciplines and sectors to provide compiled information for more understanding is very important.

Governing Towards ‘One Health’: Establishing Knowledge Integration in Global Health Security Governance

An evaluation framework for establishing knowledge integration across public and animal health domains is set out and it is argued that although ‘One Health may seem utopian, given there are key challenges when it comes to reaching integration, there are important steps that can be taken the short to medium‐term.

India to envision One Health movement for confronting emerging health threats: From concept to approach toward institutionalization

The author's key role in advocating and leading One Health (OH) initiatives in India (especially in Kerala), review the need for and progress of OH from concept to approach and proposes its

One Health Integration: A Proposed Framework for a Study on Veterinarians and Zoonotic Disease Management in Ghana

  • S. Valeix
  • Political Science
    Front. Vet. Sci.
  • 2018
A research framework is proposed to probe the dominant social dimensions and power dynamics among professional participants that affect OH implementation programs at the local and national levels in a low-income country and one aspect in which veterinarians are necessary actors: zoonotic disease management.

Convergence model for effectual prevention and control of zoonotic diseases: a health system study on ‘One Health’ approach in Ahmedabad, India

This study will provide a comprehensive picture of the current strength of collaboration and network depth at various levels of the health system in India and develop a system convergence model for the effectual prevention and control of zoonotic diseases.

Assessing Environmental Factors within the One Health Approach

The AFM1 case, the milk metabolite of the carcinogenic mycotoxin aflatoxin B1, shows that dairy products are heavily impacted by changes of the climate as well as by economic drivers, and shows that environmental conditions directly influence the onset and diffusion of hazardous factors.

Opportunities for Transdisciplinary Science to Mitigate Biosecurity Risks From the Intersectionality of Illegal Wildlife Trade With Emerging Zoonotic Pathogens

By integrating more diverse scientific disciplines, and their respective scientists with indigenous people and local community insight and risk assessment data, this work can help promote a more sustainable and equitable wildlife trade.

A Decade of Avian Influenza in Bangladesh: Where Are We Now?

The persistent changing of clades of the circulating H5N1 strains suggests probable mutations that might have been occurring over time and suggests a concerted multi-sector ‘One Health’ approach that includes the government and key stakeholders.

A review of the One Health concept : increasing awareness and collaboration between the Maltese medical and veterinary professionals

A number of points are made questioning the current state of collaboration between these professions, with the aim of increasing the trust and communication between the said professions thus ensuring the best possible defence against diseases which can be a threat to both the human and animal population on the Maltese islands.



A One Health Framework for Estimating the Economic Costs of Zoonotic Diseases on Society

An integrated epidemiological and economic framework for assessing zoonoses using a “one health” concept is presented to link the analysis outputs of animal and human disease transmission models, economic impact models and evaluation of risk management options to gain improved understanding of factors affecting the adoption ofrisk management strategies.

One Health: the 21st century challenge

  • S. Welburn
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Veterinary Record
  • 2011
Since 2005, work has progressed steadily between veterinary, medical and wider environmental organisations to further promote the One Health approach globally.

From 'two medicines' to 'One Health' and beyond.

An operational definition of 'One Health' and its leverage is provided as: any added value in terms of human and animal health, financial savings or environmental benefit from closer cooperation of human- animal health sectors at all levels of organisation.

One Health and the neglected zoonoses: turning rhetoric into reality

It is argued that high-profile regional and international institutions can play an important role in the global governance of One Health by encouraging individual countries to devise appropriate tailored solutions that are workable within their own context.

Convergence of Ecohealth and One Health

Interest and participation in EcoHealth and One Health approaches have grown considerably over the past decade. Clearly, the two approaches have many similarities and strive for similar outcomes, and

Neglected and endemic zoonoses

Public–private partnerships have already provided advocacy for human disease control and could be equally effective in addressing endemic zoonoses, which are found throughout the developing world and are reliant on surveillance.

A "One Health" surveillance and control of brucellosis in developing countries: moving away from improvisation.

The evolution of One Health: a decade of progress and challenges for the future

Over the next 12 months, Veterinary Record will be publishing a series of articles that consider the meaning of One Health, the interactions between animal and human health and how a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach could help to solve emerging global problems.

Global trends in emerging infectious diseases

It is concluded that global resources to counter disease emergence are poorly allocated, with the majority of the scientific and surveillance effort focused on countries from where the next important EID is least likely to originate.

Avian Influenza : Science, Policy and Politics

Preface Acknowledgements About the authors Acronyms 1. The International Response to Avian Influenza: Science, Policy and Politics 2. Unpacking the International Response to Avian Influenza: Actors,