Current and Future Applications of Toxicogenomics: Results Summary of a Survey from the HESI Genomics State of Science Subcommittee


BACKGROUND In spite of the application of toxicogenomic (TGx) data to the field of toxicology for the past 10 years, the broad implementation and full impact of TGx for chemical and drug evaluation to improve decision making within organizations and by policy makers has not been achieved. OBJECTIVES The goal of the Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) Committee on the Application of Genomics to Mechanism-based Risk Assessment was to construct and summarize a multisector survey, addressing key issues and perspectives on the current and future practical uses and challenges of implementing TGx data to facilitate discussions for decision making within organizations and by policy makers. METHODS An online survey to probe the current status and future challenges facing the field of TGx for drug and chemical evaluation in experimental and nonclinical models was taken by scientists and scientific decision/policy makers actively engaged in the field of TGx within industrial, academic, and regulatory sectors of the United States, Europe, and Japan. For this survey, TGx refers specifically to the analysis of gene expression responses to evaluate xenobiotic exposure in experimental and preclinical models. RESULTS The survey results are summarized from questions covering broad areas including technology used, organizational capacity and resource allocation, experimental approaches, data storage and exchange, perceptions of benefits and hurdles, and future expectations. CONCLUSIONS The survey findings provide valuable information on the current state of the science of TGx applications and identify key areas in which TGx will have an impact as well as the key hurdles in applying TGx data to address issues. The findings serve as a public resource to facilitate discussions on the focus of future TGx efforts to ensure that a maximal benefit can be obtained from toxicogenomic studies.

DOI: 10.1289/ehp.0901501

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