Current-Temperature Scaling for a Schottky Interface with Nonparabolic Energy Dispersion

  title={Current-Temperature Scaling for a Schottky Interface with Nonparabolic Energy Dispersion},
  author={Y. Ang and L. K. Ang},
  journal={Physical review applied},
  • Y. Ang, L. K. Ang
  • Published 2016
  • Physics
  • Physical review applied
  • In this paper, we study the Schottky transport in narrow-gap semiconductor and few-layer graphene in which the energy dispersions are highly non-parabolic. We propose that the contrasting current-temperature scaling relation of $J\propto T^2$ in the conventional Schottky interface and $J\propto T^3$ in graphene-based Schottky interface can be reconciled under Kane's $\mathbf{k} \cdot \mathbf{p}$ non-parabolic band model for narrow-gap semiconductor. Our new model suggests a more general form of… CONTINUE READING
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