Current-Mirror-Based Potentiostats for Three-Electrode Amperometric Electrochemical Sensors

  title={Current-Mirror-Based Potentiostats for Three-Electrode Amperometric Electrochemical Sensors},
  author={Mohammad Mahdi Ahmadi and Graham A. Jullien},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers},
We present a new circuit topology for potentiostats that interface with three-electrode amperometric electrochemical sensors. In this new topology, a current-copying circuit, e.g., a current mirror, is placed in the sensor current path to generate a mirrored image of the sensor current. The mirrored image is then measured and processed instead of the sensor current itself. The new potentiostat topology consumes very low power, occupies a very small die area, and has potentially very low noise… CONTINUE READING
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