Current–voltage characteristic of a partially ionized plasma in cylindrical geometry

  title={Current–voltage characteristic of a partially ionized plasma in cylindrical geometry},
  author={Joel L Lebowitz and Alexander Rokhlenko},
  journal={Physics of Plasmas},
The properties of a partially ionized plasma in a long cylindrical tube subject to a uniform axial electric field are investigated. The plasma is maintained by an external ionizing source balanced by bulk and surface recombinations. Collisions between neutrals, whose density greatly exceeds the density of charged particles, and of neutrals with ions, are sufficiently effective for their velocity distribution to be close to a Maxwellian with the same uniform temperature, independent of the… 
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It is proved that when the non-linear terms dominate, f( v; t) is kept close to a Maxwellian distribution M(v; u(t); e(t) satisfying a system of nonlinear equations { the \hydrodynamic" equations.
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