Curious monkeys have increased gray matter density in the precuneus

  title={Curious monkeys have increased gray matter density in the precuneus},
  author={K. Phillips and Francys Subiaul and C. Sherwood},
  journal={Neuroscience Letters},
  • K. Phillips, Francys Subiaul, C. Sherwood
  • Published 2012
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Neuroscience Letters
  • Curiosity is a cornerstone of cognition that has the potential to lead to innovations and increase the behavioral repertoire of individuals. A defining characteristic of curiosity is inquisitiveness directed toward novel objects. Species differences in innovative behavior and inquisitiveness have been linked to social complexity and neocortical size [18]. In this study, we observed behavioral actions among nine socially reared and socially housed capuchin monkeys in response to an unfamiliar… CONTINUE READING
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