Curious case of the Buchdahl-Land-Sultana-Wyman-Ibañez-Sanz spacetime

  title={Curious case of the Buchdahl-Land-Sultana-Wyman-Iba{\~n}ez-Sanz spacetime},
  author={Valerio Faraoni and Sonia Jose and Alexandre Leblanc},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We revisit Wyman’s “other” scalar field solution of the Einstein equations and its Sultana generalization to positive cosmological constant, which has a finite 3-space and corresponds to a special case of a stiff fluid solution proposed by Buchdahl and Land and, later, by Ibañez and Sanz to model relativistic stars. However, there is a hidden cosmological constant and the peculiar geometry prevents the use of this spacetime to model relativistic stars. 
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