Cultures Of Politics/politics Of Cultures: Revisioning Latin American Social Movements

  title={Cultures Of Politics/politics Of Cultures: Revisioning Latin American Social Movements},
  author={Sonia E. {\'A}lvarez},
* Introduction: The Cultural and the Political in Latin American Social Movements Sonia E. Alvarez, Evelina Dagnino, and Arturo Escobar. The Cultural Politics Of Citizenship, Democracy, And The State * Culture, Citizenship, and Democracy: Changing Discourses and Practices of the Latin American Left E. Dagnino. * Social Rights: Conflicts and Negotiations in Contemporary Brazil Maria Celia Paoli and Vera da Silva Telles. * New Subjects of Rights? Womens Movements and the Construction of… 

Globalization in a Time of Neoliberalism: Politicized Social Movements and the Latin American Response

This article examines the emergence of new, highly politicized social movements in Latin America as a response to deteriorating economic and social conditions and the related growth of neoliberal

Social Movements Across Latin America

The past 25 years in Latin America have witnessed a renewed upswing in popular mobilization. The ending of the violent conflicts and military governments in the 1980s gave way to new struggles and a

Gender, Sexuality, and Nation in the Art of Mexican Social Movements

Art associated with social movements helped to constitute—not simply reflect—Mexico’s dramatic social and political change over the past century. National identity, notions of citizenship, democracy,

Black Politics of Folklore: Expanding the Sites and Forms of Politics in Colombia

To my loving family, wife and friends For their continuous support and unconditional love v ABSTRACT This paper puts into question ideas of politics limited to the theories of social movements and

Political Women and American Democracy

1. Introduction: what we saw at the Revolution: women in American politics and political science Christina Wolbrecht 2. Gender as a category of political analysis in American political development


  • S. Ha
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 2007
This study examines the multiple collective identity of contemporary social movements and its mobilising structures in contemporary Latin American societies post-1980. This study debates ‘who they

Citizenship in Latin America

In the past two decades, the notion of citizenship has become increasingly recurrent in the political vocabulary in Latin America and in other parts of the world. In Latin America, this phenomenon

Global Economy, Local Politics: Indigenous Struggles, Civil Society and Democracy

  • G. Otero
  • Political Science
    Canadian Journal of Political Science
  • 2004
In this article I critically assess the globalist position which claims that the forces of globalization have fundamentally debilitated nation–states, and that the fate of progressive politics and

Democracy in Action

This article examines new directions of Taiwanese social movements during the last decade—their promises, struggles, agendas and obstacles. Ranging from loosely knit collective protests to the

Revisiting the Hidden Transcript: Oral Tradition and Black Cultural Politics in the Colombian Pacific Coast Region

The role of oral traditions in the reconstruction and the politicisation of collective memory has widely been recognised in post-colonial theories. Yet, the concrete application of these oral