Cultured cells as a model system for the study of UV-induced cytotoxicity.

  title={Cultured cells as a model system for the study of UV-induced cytotoxicity.},
  author={Elisabetta Straface and Paolo U. Giacomoni and Walter Malorni},
  journal={Journal of photochemistry and photobiology. B, Biology},
  volume={63 1-3},
In vivo, UV radiation induces a series of morphological and ultrastructural alterations in human epidermis. These and other changes eventually lead to well described pathological modifications including erythema and cancer. Morphological alterations are easier to detect in cultured cells, such as human keratinocytes or other epithelial cells. One can use different intensities of different radiation types (UV-A, -B and -C) and expose cell monolayers to different doses. In these experimental… CONTINUE READING

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