Culture and customs of Nigeria

  title={Culture and customs of Nigeria},
  author={T{\'o}y{\`i}n F{\'a}lol{\'a}},
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Transformation of Leisure in Nigeria
The concept of leisure in African societies is a phenomenon hardly spoken about in history books or in current literature. This is not the case with Western scholars who have over the years
The social and cultural determinants of the fertility rate among Congolese refugee women living in the inner city of Durban, South Africa.
Master of Social Science in Health Promotion and Communication. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 2018.
Modernity as a dynamic phenomenon resulting from its elements of time-space distanciation, disembedding mechanisms and reflexivity impacts enormously the very personal and intimate lives of people,
Polemics of Cultural Regeneration in Soyinka’s The Lion and The Jewel
ABSTRACT The present study examines social cultural issues, the value of culture as an element of resistance to alien dominance and how Soyinka presents the beauty of Yoruba culture in an attempt to
Cultural Resistance and Resilience amid Imported TV Programming in Nigeria
This experimental study investigated the effects of American-produced entertainment programs on Nigerian audiences' knowledge, beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and values, using the
Lost in communication: language and symbolic violence in Australia's public services
This research examined an often overlooked social problem that affects the lives and welfare of a significant number of Australians. This phenomenon is the interaction between public services and
Gangs in Nigeria: an updated examination
This paper analyzes gangs in Nigeria, providing an updated examination of their current strategies and activities. The premise of this analysis partly draws on Social Identity Theory, with respect to
Immigrant Nigerian women's self-empowerment through consumption as cultural resistance : a cross-cultural comparison in the UK
Existing research into the consumption behaviour of immigrants is limited in its scope and generally focused primarily on male immigrants. This research aims to address these concerns by focusing on
An Appraisal of African Traditional Economy as an Heritage
The cultures and social structures of contemporary African societies are a mixture of both traditional and modern elements. However, the proportion of the traditional elements is higher. It
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The study aims at establishing the relationship between religious identity and political bargaining in post-colonial Nigeria. The study adopts qualitative historical method which involve use of