Culture and conquest in Mongol Eurasia

  title={Culture and conquest in Mongol Eurasia},
  author={Thomas T. Allsen},
Part I. Background: 1. Introduction 2. Before the Mongols Part II. Political-Economic Relations: 3. Formation of the Il-qans, 1251-65 4. Grand Qans and Il-qans, 1265-95 5. Continuity and change under Ghazan, 1295-1304 6. Sultans and Grand Qans, 1304-35 7. Economic ties 8. Overview of the relationship Part III. Intermediaries: 9. Marco Polo and Po-lo 10. Qubilai and Bolad Aqa 11. Rashid al-Din and Pulad chinksank Part IV. Cultural Exchange: 12. Historiography 13. Geography and cartography 14… Expand
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