Culture Jamming

  title={Culture Jamming},
  author={Vince Carducci},
  journal={Journal of Consumer Culture},
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‘Culture jamming’is defined as‘an organized, social activist effort that aims to counter the bombardment of consumption-oriented messages in the mass media’ (Handelman and Kozinets,2004: n.p.). This article seeks to understand culture jamming from a sociological perspective, situating it in the‘expressivist’tradition, which originates with the mid-18th century thinker Rousseau and whose legacy extends to postwar Western counterculture. Culture jamming is seen as an investigation into the… 

Culture Jamming Phenomenon in Politics (The Jokowi’s Memes in TIME Publication’s Cover and Advertisement)

Culture jamming is the result of post-modernity movements characterized by social criticism and resistance to things related to modernity. The intent is to subvert symbols and meanings or to counter

Jamming the jamming: Brazilian protests as an illustration of a new politics of consumption

ABSTRACT Based on a reflexive and critical analysis of the citizen protests that pervaded Brazilian cities in June 2013, in this article we argue that a significant part of the demonstrators’

Culture jamming and Brandalism for the environment: The logic of appropriation

ABSTRACT This article explores creative activism for environmentalism through an examination of culture jamming. Specifically, it looks to the action of the Brandalism project during COP21. This was

Subvertising Activism in Turkey Exploring a Critical Alternative

This paper analyzes the act of subvertising in Turkey with a focus on a recent anti-consumerist campaign led by activists against a national brand. The act of subvertising has been evaluated as a

“Mixing Pop (Culture) and Politics”: Cultural Resistance, Culture Jamming, and Anti-Consumption Activism as Critical Public Pedagogy

Abstract Culture jamming, the act of resisting and re-creating commercial culture in order to transform society, is embraced by groups and individuals who seek to critique and (re)form how culture is

Adversaries of advertising: anti-consumerism and subvertisers’ critique and practice

ABSTRACT Anti-consumerism is a rich and diverse field of advocacy and activism and has historically been studied in terms of its tactics, representations and ideologies. This paper presents an

Jamming market rhetoric in Wisconsin's 2011 labor protests

ABSTRACT Taking the case of the 2011 protests at the Wisconsin state capitol, this essay theorizes a model of political culture jamming. When 100,000 people swarmed downtown Madison, I argue, they

Femen in the current Spanish political context: feminist activism and counterhegemonic modes of representation

ABSTRACT The purpose of this article is to address Femen’s media-based activism in Spain, focusing, on the one hand, on the lack of understanding of Femen’s activist methods by broad swaths of

Femen in the current Spanish political context: feminist activism and counterhegemonic modes of representation

ABSTRACTThe purpose of this article is to address Femen’s media-based activism in Spain, focusing, on the one hand, on the lack of understanding of Femen’s activist methods by broad swaths of

Defacing Election Posters: A Form of Political Culture Jamming?

Even in this media-centric age of the Internet, newspapers, television, and social networking, election posters are a significant form of communication in political campaigns. They are strategically



The Conquest of Cool: Business Culture, Counterculture, and the Rise of Hip Consumerism

An evocative symbol of the 1960s was its youth counterculture. This study reveals that the youthful revolutionaries were augmented by such unlikely allies as the advertising industry and the men's

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Historians and social scientists analyzing the contemporary world unfortunately have too little contact and hence miss some of the ways that their interests overlap and the research of one field

Culture Industry Reconsidered

The term culture industry was perhaps used for the first time in the book Dialectic of Enlightenment, which Horkheimer and I published in Amsterdam in 1947. In our drafts we spoke of "mass culture."

Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy

Arjun Appadurai’s essay ‘Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy’ popularized the idea of ‘global flows’. He argues that these flows are ‘disjunctive’ and ‘chaotic’ in character and

Can Consumers Escape the Market? Emancipatory Illuminations from Burning Man

This ethnography explores the emancipatory dynamics of the Burning Man project, a one-week-long antimarket event. Practices used at Burning Man to distance consumers from the market include

The sociology of the global system

In the first edition of Sociology of the Global System, Leslie Sklair argued that social scientists have not yet generally come to regard the whole world as a legitimate object of knowledge. He

Multiple Modernities

ABSTRACT Meaning is inscribed in the material/built environment and this article considers the materiality of change in urban Africa, focusing particularly on the kitchens of a group of

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Much of the attention directed at Naomi Klein's No Logo has focussed on the fluently constructed analysis of forces that oppose global transnational corporate capitalism. This should not be

Culture Jam: The Uncooling of America

This is a pioneering work of social criticism by a media activist who outlines a plan to stop rampant overconsumption that has begun to kill authentic life in America and the world.'

Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life

Meanwhile, the authors' antidote to the American sicknessa quest for democratic community that draws on our diverse civic and religious traditionshas contributed to a vigorous scholarly and popular