Culturally-sensitive complaints of depressions and anxieties in women.

  title={Culturally-sensitive complaints of depressions and anxieties in women.},
  author={Uriel M Halbreich and Renato D Alarc{\'o}n and Helena Maria Calil and Saida Douki and P{\'e}ter Gaszner and Enrique Jadresic and Miroslava Ja{\vs}ovi{\'c}-Ga{\vs}i{\'c} and Nadia Kadri and Florence Kerr-C{\^o}rrea and Vikram Patel and Xarifa Sarache and Jitendra kumar Trivedi},
  journal={Journal of affective disorders},
  volume={102 1-3},
BACKGROUND Current classifications of Mental Disorders are centered on Westernized concepts and constructs. "Cross-cultural sensitivity" emphasizes culturally-appropriate translations of symptoms and questions, assuming that concepts and constructs are applicable. METHODS Groups and individual psychiatrists from various cultures from Asia, Latin America, North Africa and Eastern Europe prepared descriptions of main symptoms and complaints of treatment-seeking women in their cultures, which… CONTINUE READING
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