Culturally Transmitted Patterns of Vocal Behavior in Sparrows

  title={Culturally Transmitted Patterns of Vocal Behavior in Sparrows},
  author={Peter R. Marler and M. Tamura},
  pages={1483 - 1486}
Male white-crowned sparrows have song "dialects," acquired in about the first 100 days of life by learning from older males. In the laboratory an alien white-crowned sparrow dialect can be taught. Once the song is established further acoustical experience does not change the pattern. White-crowned sparrows do not copy recorded songs of other sparrow species presented under similar conditions. 

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Early Experience Determines Song Dialect Responsiveness of Female Sparrows
In a laboratory experiment, female white-crowned sparrows responded almost exclusively to male songs taken from their home dialect region and usually not to songs taken from an alien dialect region.
Selective Vocal Learning in a Sparrow
Male swamp sparrows learn their songs; they fail to learn songs of the sympatric song sparrow, and selection was retained by birds reared in total isolation from adult conspecific sounds.
Vocal responses of white-crowned sparrows to recorded songs of their own and another species.
There is a difference between normal and abnormal singers in this study, it is that the normal singers showed a greater increase in differential responses to the two playback song types as the song season progressed.
A re-evaluation of song development in the song sparrow
Song sparrows were hand-reared from the egg in auditory isolation from adult conspecifics and maintained either together with other species or individually in sound chambers, where songs developed by the males differed both qualitatively and quantitatively and were therefore readily distinguished from wild-type songs.
White-Crowned Sparrow
Issues related to song learning and its consequences of the white-crowned sparrow are focused on.
The significance of white-crowned sparrow song.
The behavioral significance of song was investigated in white-crowned sparrows (Zonotrichia leucophrys) of both the Nuttall and Gambel races. It was found that the birds will perform a response to
Song exposure during juvenile dispersal in Mountain White-crowned Sparrows
This work quantified adult singing rates in a population of Mountain White-crowned Sparrows in the Sierra Nevada in 2 yr, and compared them with the arrival schedule of juveniles not hatched on the study area, showing that opportunities for juveniles to learn new song types become highly limited during the premigratory dispersal phase.
Behavioral consequences of song learning: Discrimination of song types by male white-crowned sparrows
Abstract The functional significance of learned population differences in male song in the white-crowned sparrow was explored in natural populations using playback tests. Laboratory results have
Temporal Pattern as a Cue for Species-Specific Calling Song Recognition in Crickets
Female crickets can recognize conspecific calling song from its temporal pattern alone, and this argues against the hypothesis that recognition results from matching auditory input to an internal template of the song.
Vocal learning in White-crowned Sparrows: sensitive phase and song dialects
Because the sensitive phase for song learning generally coincides with natal philopatry, White-crowned Sparrows are predisposed to learn their natal dialect which they retain through life and may be an important factor in the maintenance of populations structured by geographic systems of dialects.


Song "Dialects" in Three Populations of White-Crowned Sparrows
This paper seeks to provide some of the necessary information about song variation in the individual and in a population, both at one time and from year to year, and also by comparing songs in three populations, two adjacent and one distant.
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