Culturally Relevant Pedagogy 2.0: a.k.a. the Remix

  title={Culturally Relevant Pedagogy 2.0: a.k.a. the Remix},
  author={Gloria J. Ladson-Billings},
  journal={Harvard Educational Review},
In this article, Ladson-Billings reflects on the history of her theory of culturally relevant pedagogy and the ways it has been used and misused since its inception. She argues for the importance o... 
The Sociohistorical Evolution of the Language of Culturally-Based Pedagogy and its Impact on Teacher Education
The purpose of this literature review was to examine how language is used to describe and advance culturally-based pedagogy to critically reflect on the language employed in teacher education resea...
“Were There Any Black People in Johnstown?” An Investigation of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Service of Supporting Disciplinary Literacy Learning in History
This case study describes how culturally relevant pedagogy can be used in disciplinary rigorous ways in an urban middle school history classroom. The focus is on a unit about the Johnstown Flood of...
Changing Practice: Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy in Art Education
SOME PEOPLE ARGUE THAT MULTICULTURALISM IS THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED AND IMPLEMENTED THROUGHOUT ART CURRICULUM. But my experience tells me otherwise. When I visit classrooms, I see posters, visuals, ta...
Culturally Responsive, Antiracist, or Anti-Oppressive? How Language Matters for School Change Efforts
This qualitative study explored how 18 educators, participating on inquiry teams designed to counter persistent inequities among minoritized students, described culturally responsive pedagogy and p...
“It’s an Americanization that’s not working”
In a 1-year ethnographic study at a predominantly Latinx-serving middle school, we explored tensions teachers experience in navigating the dominant hierarchical and punitive accountability regime, ...
Culturally Sustaining and Revitalizing Pedagogies
This book highlights the journeys, challenges, and unfolding stories of transformation that reside within university/community partnerships focused on cultural and linguistic revitalization through
Truth Hidden in Plain Sight: How Social–Emotional Learning Empowers Novice Teachers’ Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Title I Schools
Educational inequity for students in highly impacted urban schools in the United States remains a persistent challenge despite efforts to reshape teaching practices. This article argues for the inc...
Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies and Our Futures
Abstract What does culturally sustaining pedagogy mean in the context of a global pandemic, uprisings for racial and decolonial justice, and an ongoing climate crisis? In this essay, I build from
Rhymes with Reason: Using Music to Connect Identity, Culture and Learning
Culturally diverse students come to school with rich traditions, heritage, and cultural funds of knowledge that are often undervalued and under-utilized in academic settings. Tailoring educational ...
From Oppositional Culture to Cultural Integrity: African American Students’ Perceptions of the Activity Structure and Physical Ecology of Classrooms
This work extends examination of African American students’ attitudes toward learning and achievement to contrast the oppositional culture (Ogbu and Fordham) and cultural integrity perspectives. We...


Toward a Theory of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
In the midst of discussions about improving education, teacher education, equity, and diversity, little has been done to make pedagogy a central area of investigation. This article attempts to
Culture Theory
The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children
Foreword to the New Edition. Preface. The Author. 1. A Dream Deferred. 2. Does Culture Matter? 3. Seeing Color, Seeing Culture. 4. We Are Family. 5. The Tree of Knowledge. 6. Culturally Relevant
A Movement Against and Beyond Boundaries: "Politically Relevant Teaching" Among African American Teachers
The purpose of this article is to examine culturally relevant teaching as a political pedagogy and a contemporary manifestation of what was considered “good” teaching in many African American
The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children
The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children. Gloria Ladson-Billings. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1994. 187 pp.
Knowledge and Teaching: Foundations of the New Reform
Lee S. Shulman builds his foundation for teaching reform on an idea of teaching that emphasizes comprehension and reasoning, transformation and reflection. "This emphasis is justified," he writes, ...
Like lightning in a bottle: attempting to capture the pedagogical excellence of successful teachers of black students 1
Despite the dismal academic outlook for black students in urban schools, some teachers are capable of helping black students attain academic and cultural success. These teachers have notions of
Reflective Teaching: An Introduction
This book discusses Reflective Teaching as emotional labor, the Teaching Self Attending to Students, and the Context of Schooling.
A Multi-Ability Approach to the Integrated Classroom
A Multi-Ability classroom is a set of recommendatio ns for permanent changes in the task and evaluation structure of classroorils. These changes are calculated to increase active, engaged, learning
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