Cultural semantics of the toponym Altai in Altai folklore

  title={Cultural semantics of the toponym Altai in Altai folklore},
  author={Nadezhda Romanovna Oynotkinova},
The paper is devoted to the analysis of the cultural semantics of the Altai toponym in shamanic mythology and ritualism, the epos and song lyrics of the Altai people. A linguistic conceptualsemantic method is used in the study of this onim, the essence of which is to identify the cultural meanings contained in the concept-word, taking into account the ethnic and cultural context. The analysis involved folk texts recorded since the beginning of the twentieth century. The mythologization of the… 


Символика и этические ценности алтайцев в практиках возрожденного бурханизма
In the early 2000s, in the Altai Republic becomes known the movement of «Ak-jan,» which was inherited from the «old» Burkhanism. The tradition of setting sanctuaries «kyree» on a hill on the east
Феноменология трудных ситуаций в жизнедеятельности юношества коренных народов Сибири
In the article results of phenomenological research of difficult situations to abilities to live of youth of radical people of Siberia are presented. The problem of difficult situations is
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