Cultural psychology: Cultural psychology – what is it?

  title={Cultural psychology: Cultural psychology – what is it?},
  author={Richard A. Shweder},
A discipline is emerging called “cultural psychology.” It is not general psychology. It is not cross-cultural psychology. It is not psychological anthropology. It is not ethnopsychology. It is cultural psychology. And its time may have arrived, once again. While the authors in this volume were never asked to define or explicitly address the idea of a cultural psychology, several of the chapters turned out to be examples of it. They inspired this essay – which is a preliminary attempt to say… 

The Cultural psychology of development : one mind, many mentalities

The discipline called “cultural psychology” has been experiencing a major revival since the early 1980s. The aim of cultural psychology is to document historical and cross-cultural diversity in the

Three approaches to the psychology of culture: Where do they come from? Where can they go?

Cultural psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and indigenous psychology are three approaches to the psychology of culture. The author begins by comparing the three approaches ‐ conceptually,

The Universal and the Particular in Psychology and the Role of History in Explaining Both

The chapter begins by outlining the assumption of universalism that pervades the discipline of psychology. What it means in practice is that the results of psychological research are thought to apply

Understanding our experience of music: What kind of psychology do we need?

Background in the psychology of music The historical development of the psychology of music largely followed that of psychology in general. In the 20th century it adopted the research methods and

PSY 150 Narrative and Cultural Psychology: Understanding the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Synopsis Cultural psychology is a branch of contemporary psychology that seeks to understand mind in the context of culture: mind and culture are co-constituted, co-determinitive, and as such,

Toward A Cultural Constructionist Psychology

The cultural adventure in psychology is scarcely a new one. It was indeed present in the earliest deliberations on the character of psychological science. With the publication of Wilhelm Wundt's,

Cultural Psychology of Religion: Spiritual Transformation

Cultural psychology as a field has emerged over the past 30 years, but little effort has been expended in extrapolating its findings to transformative religious experiences. This essay posits a model

Culture and human development: Where did it go? And where is it going?

The challenge for training new researchers from diverse backgrounds is to equip them with the knowledge and insights gained from cross-cultural psychology, psychological anthropology, cultural psychology, indigenous psychology, and their own cultures, rather than simply making the next generation of scholars into new representatives of Western theories of development.

From Volkerpsychologie to cultural psychology: The once and future discipline?

Despite the current enthusiasm for cultural psychology, its disciplinary identity remains problematic. In this essay, the question of the identity of cultural psychology is pressed with respect to