Cultural nationalism and social reform: The 1904 Temperance Movement in Sri Lanka

  title={Cultural nationalism and social reform: The 1904 Temperance Movement in Sri Lanka},
  author={John D. Rogers},
  journal={Indian Economic \& Social History Review},
  pages={319 - 341}
  • J. D. Rogers
  • Published 1 September 1989
  • Political Science
  • Indian Economic & Social History Review
From April through November 1904 hundreds of temperance societies sprang up across Sri Lanka. Although both Buddhist and Christian propagandists had long deplored drunkenness, this widespread commitment to sobriety was unprecedented. As a social movement, too, the upsurge represented something new. At no point during the nineteenth century had Sri Lankans from different parts of the country and different walks of life 
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      SLNA 45/36; Independent
        For an instance in the Southern Province where a temperance society supported the boycott of a Wesleyan school, see Crawford, diary
          SLNA (Kandy), 30/25. 79 Independent