Cultural heritage open data to develop an educational framework


In recent years many projects have applied multimedia technology to support dissemination and new modality of digital museum resources access to meet the knowledge and interests of different users needs. Linked open data technology suggest to rethink access to digital cultural heritage resources and their dissemination in different contexts. This paper presents the results of project to develop learning Repository and annotation tool to increase the content of cultural heritage according to needs of teachers. The Educational Platform was developed to disseminate multimedia cultural content inside of classroom through Open access data modality to sharing museum resources and to making multimedia lessons. The tools developed provide museum information to share with teachers who can reuse and re-contextualize them in their multimedia lessons and create educational environments to improve engagement and student learning. This approach may be very interesting to adopt new strategy of promoting cultural heritage in other contexts such as lifelong learning and tourism. In this way the museum object becomes a tool for teaching, new learning environments will be created and relationship between museum staff and education context will be improved.

DOI: 10.1109/IISA.2014.6878775

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