Cultural dialogues in the good society

  title={Cultural dialogues in the good society},
  author={Zenia Hellgren and Barbara Meil Hobson},
  pages={385 - 404}
Value conflicts involving gender equality are interwoven into current multicultural tensions in many European societies. They are at the core of these tensions in Sweden, in which gender equality and principles of individual human rights constitute the state profile and political identity. In this article, we focus on three cases of honor killings that became flash points for public debates on `culture and cultures' among political parties, immigrant groups and feminists in Sweden. The media… 
Caring Multiculturalism : Local Immigrant Policies and Narratives of Integration in Malmö, Birmingham and Bologna
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Symbolic violence: Reshaping post-patriarchal discourses on gender
Abstract Purpose The purpose of the chapter is to overcome interpretative dualism on migrant and native women’s victimization by proposing a Bourdieusian approach to the continuities of symbolic
Same Problem, Different Solutions: The Case of ‘Honour Killing’ in Germany and Britain
Multicultural societies face increasing difficulties in accommodating claims of cultural and religious groups that do not share the values and lifestyles of the majority society. Particularly in
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Taking its starting point from a critical dialogue with feminist and postcolonial theory, this dissertation explores processes of othering in a feminist adult educational institution, Women’s Room,
Encounters between the ‘oppressed’ and the ‘oppressor’: rethinking Paulo Freire in anti-racist feminist education in Sweden
With the aim of rethinking Paulo Freire’s theory and its practices in race/ethnicity and education, this article uses intersectionality to deepen our understanding of differences among the oppressed
Intersections of Culture, Migration and Intimate Partner Violence as Told by Migrant Youth
Like many other western nations, New Zealand has experienced significant migration since the mid-1980s. According to the most recent census, roughly one out of every four persons living in New
Feminism and the Academy. Exploring the Politics of Institutionalization in Gender Studies in Sweden
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Paradoxes of (In)Equality
This article analyzes how gender equality, paradoxically, has helped produce one unifying identity of the state of Sweden while simultaneously creating divisions within that state. In the 1990s,
The Claims of Culture: Equality and Diversity in the Global Era
Preface vii Acknowledgments xv 1. Introduction On the Use and Abuse of Culture 1 2. "Nous" et les "Autres" (We and the Others) Is Universalism Ethnocentric? 24 3. From Redistribution to Recognition?
Explaining the Emergence of Radical Right-Wing Populist Parties: The Case of Denmark
This article aims to explain the emergence of the Danish People's Party, a radical right-wing populist party, by using a model combining political opportunity structures and the diffusion of new
Rethinking Multiculturalism: Cultural Diversity and Political Theory
Acknowledgements - Introduction - Moral Monism - Forms of Pluralism - Contemporary Liberal Responses to Diversity - Conceptualising Human Beings - Understanding Culture - Reconstituting the Modern
Multiculturalism: Examining the Politics of Recognition.
Preface (1994) ix Preface and Acknowledgments xiii PART ONE 1 Introduction Amy Gutmann 3 The Politics of Recognition Charles Taylor 25 Comment Susan Wolf 75 Comment Steven C. Rockefeller 87 Comment
Overcoming the discrepancy between EU Anti-discrimination directives and persisting discrimination at the national level
Overcoming the discrepancy between EU Anti-discrimination directives and persisting discrimination at the national level
Svensk invandrar- och integrationspolitik : en fråga om jämlikhet, demokrati och mänskliga rättigheter
This thesis consists of three studies that discuss and analyse Sweden's immigrant and integration policy from different perspectives. The main aim is to provide an understanding of and try to expla
Att organisera oenighet : en sociologisk studie av Iranska riksförbundet och dess medlemsorganisationer
Att organisera oenighet : en sociologisk studie av Iranska riksforbundet och dess medlemsorganisationer
Intersektionalitet : kritiska reflektioner över (o)jämlikhetens landskap
Har utforskar forfattarna begreppet intersektionalitet och dess relevans for att forsta komplexa och heterogena globala maktrelationer. Boken inbjuder till ett teoretiskt samtal om den analytiska o
Makt, kultur och kontroll över invandrares livsvillkor : multidimensionella perspektiv på strukturell diskriminering i Sverige
Makt, kultur och kontroll over invandrares livsvillkor : multidimensionella perspektiv pa strukturell diskriminering i Sverige