Cultural Zionism and Binationalism Among American Liberal Protestants

  title={Cultural Zionism and Binationalism Among American Liberal Protestants},
  author={Walker Robins},
  journal={Israel Studies},
  pages={142 - 167}
ABSTRACT:The article examines the influence of cultural Zionism, as represented by Ahad Ha'am and Judah Magnes, on three leading American liberal Protestants in the Mandate era—Harry Emerson Fosdick, William Ernest Hocking, and John Haynes Holmes. While all three claimed to support cultural Zionism, each interpreted and appropriated it in different ways. Fosdick favored it as a functional moral alternative to political Zionism—he came to equate it with Judah Magnes's binational solution to the… Expand
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  • Sociology
  • Journal of Sociology
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