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Cultural Identity and Place Identity in House Environment : Traditional Turkish House Interiors

  title={Cultural Identity and Place Identity in House Environment : Traditional Turkish House Interiors},
  author={Nur Ayalp},
Home environment is a place that humankind constructed his identity on it. As such, it is the mediator of place identity as well. In collective memory, place identities turns in to cultural identity that reflects the traditional values. The study is focusing on the relations between place identity and cultural identity through the example of typical Traditional Turkish House Interiors. The study set the identity formation through types. The interior design formation of typical interior design… 

Identity Formation in Cultural Environments : Traditional Turkish House Interiors

A cultural place is an environment where people construct their collective identity. In collective memory, place identities turn in to cultural identity reflecting traditional values. The aim of this

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Abstract- As well as being buildings to meet shelter people need, they reflect social structure, culture livelihood, traditions, history and geography of those who constructed them or who had them

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A parametric shape grammar which can generate the plans of traditional Turkish houses is presented and the shape rule schemata are used for characterizing formal compositional aspects of this historical style.

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Orta Mekan: Türk Sivil Mimarisinde Temel Kuruluş Prensibi

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