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Cultural Heritage, Diversity, Functionality, Education of Music in a European Context

  title={Cultural Heritage, Diversity, Functionality, Education of Music in a European Context},
  author={Damien Sagrillo},
“Unity in diversity” is the motto of the European Union, which is also the main aspect of cultural heritage in Europe. In the case of music, unity can be interpreted in terms of identity, as well. Music education should deal with historical and contemporary practices and their relative positioning between the poles of identity and diversity within formal, non-formal and informal contexts of music learning. Musical diversity is illustrated with qualitative interviews among community musicians… 

The Role of Cultural Heritage in 21st-Century Music Education

Cultural heritage is an integral part of Hungarian music education. Folk traditions and folk songs are taught in every school, from the capital city to the smallest villages. Thousands of songs were

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Total digitalization of culture requires the extensive integration of Web 2.0 ser-vices and capabilities into music education. The penetration of digital technologies is not reduced to the



When alternative ends up as mainstream: Slovene popular music as cultural heritage

One of the basic questions in cultural heritage studies is the relationship between accepted definitions of national cultural heritage and social power. In the case of Slovene popular music heritage,

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