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Cultural Evolution and Memetics

  title={Cultural Evolution and Memetics},
  author={F. Heylighen and Klaas Chielens},
A Network Analysis Approach to the Diffusion of Tolerance Memes
This article outlines how social network analysis can be effective as a tool for diffusing tolerant ideas (memes) within a targeted community and an identifier of the influential actors in the target community in order to optimize the diffusion of tolerant memes. Expand
Better together
Just as humans thrive from being part of a community, genetics and genomics benefit from interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge integration.
Living your Best Life and Radiating Positivity: Exploratory Conceptions of Wholesome Memes as The New Sincerity
From commercial advertising to political messaging, internet memes have proven to be among the most prevalent and pervasive forms of communication online. The so-called “wholesome meme” is aExpand
The Replication and Spread of Functional Food Messages: The Influence of Personalities on Internet Meme Behavior
The term Internet memes was coined to describe the phenomenon of replicating and spreading messages via social media. This study explores individual personality traits in relation to Internet memeExpand
A Comunicação Integrada Reinventada: Linguagem, Irreverência e Causas Sociais em Instituições Públicas / The Reinvented Integrated Communication: Language, Irreverence and Social Causes in Public Institutions
O uso das redes sociais  online , especialmente o Facebook para a comunicacao entre organizacoes e seu publico-alvo, vem sendo desenvolvido de maneira mais interativa com o passar do tempo, tendo emExpand
Compressed representation for higher-level meme space evolution: a case study on big knapsack problems
A novel, theoretically motivated compressed representation with high-level meme evolution for big optimization, taking knapsack problem as the case study, which provides strong encouragement for further exploration to establish meme evolution as the gold standard in big optimization. Expand
Improving Reinforcement FALCON Learning in Complex Environment with Much Delayed Evaluation via Memetic Automaton
By defining the particular representation of memes in the context of FALCON, the corresponding designs of meme selection and meme transmission for meme evolution are presented, to transfer the knowledge meme from well-learned agents in simple environment to improve the learning performance of FalCON agents in complex environment. Expand
Memes as games: The evolution of a digital discourse online
It is argued that meme selection and mutation are driven by a cooperative combination of three types of communication logic: wasteful play online, social media political expression, and cultural evolution. Expand
Processes of Science and Art Modeled as a Holoflux of Information Using Toroidal Geometry
An attempt is made to model the structure of science and art discovery processes in the light of currently defined ideas on the societal flow of knowledge and conservation of information, using theExpand
Autoencoding Evolutionary Search With Learning Across Heterogeneous Problems
This paper proposes a novel autoencoding evolutionary search paradigm with learning capability across heterogeneous problems with diverse properties, such as problem dimension, number of objectives, etc., that cannot be handled by existing approaches. Expand


Parasite Ecology and the Evolution of Religion
  • 1999
The Meme Machine
Humans are extraordinary creatures, with the unique ability among animals to imitate and so copy from one another ideas, habits, skills, behaviours, inventions, songs, and stories. These are allExpand
Models for Interacting Populations of Memes : Competition and Niche Behavior
We make use of a set of text analysis tools, primarily based on Latent Semantic Indexing, to study the dynamics of memes on the Net. Our analysis discovers replicating memes within posts to theExpand
Evolutionary Epistemology”, in: The Philosophy of Karl Popper, Schilpp P.A. (ed.), (Open Court Publish
  • 1974
How are stereotypes maintained through communication? The influence of stereotype sharedness.
The shared nature of stereotypes was found to be a strong contributor to rendering the story more stereotypical in communication, and was discussed in relation to the maintenance of stereotypes through communication. Expand
The Dissemination of Culture
Despite tendencies toward convergence, differences between individuals and groups continue to exist in beliefs, attitudes, and behavior. An agent-based adaptive model reveals the effects of aExpand
Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme
We are surrounded by information in the 21st Century: we are bombarded by advertising, attitudes, celebrities, news, wars, fashion, the latest fads...the sheer amount of information we have access toExpand
Viruses of the mind
  • Dennett and his Critics: Demystifying the Mind,
  • 1993
The Selfish Gene (2nd edition
  • 1989