Cultural Dynamics in China: Today and in 2020

  title={Cultural Dynamics in China: Today and in 2020},
  author={Fenggang Yang},
  journal={Asia Policy},
  pages={41 - 52}
OF DISSERTATION FROM HOBBES TO HABERMAS: THE ANTI-CULTURAL TURN IN WESTERN POLITICAL THOUGHT The theme of this dissertation is the anti-cultural turn of Western Political Thought that has emerged out
The Confucian Value of Harmony in Music Education in Relation to Songs
  • W. Ho
  • Education, Sociology
  • 2018
This chapter will examine the interactions between social harmony and historical memory and how Confucian values shape education, focusing on the ways in which the governing politics of Mainland
Managing Religious Diversity in China
In this essay I argue that despite the scope of change in the realms of military, security, economic, and social policies, as well as changes in the legal sphere, the path dependency left by the
1 Following the Wisdom of Elders : Instability in China
China’s rise as an acknowledged global economic power is accompanied by concerns over the sustainability of its political organization and social structure. Increasing focus is placed on stability in
Chinese students' perceptions of humour in British academic lectures
My PhD study explores humour in British academic lectures and Chinese students' perceptions of it. The research interest was derived from my personal experience as an international student in
Confucianism in the Chinese media: an analysis of the revolutionary history television drama In Those Passionate Days
This paper explores the relationship between revolutionary history television dramas and the social context in which these dramas are televised in China with In Those Passionate Days serving as an
Where is Chinese nationalism? The political geography of a moving project
. Since the rise of Chinese nationalism at the end of the nineteenth century, different political groups have sought to mobilise regional support by identifying with the national agenda of regional


Chinese Protestant Christianity Today
  • D. Bays
  • Political Science
    The China Quarterly
  • 2003
Protestant Christianity has been a prominent part of the general religious resurgence in China in the past two decades. In many ways it is the most striking example of that resurgence. Along with
Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity Is Transforming China And Changing the Global Balance of Power
Politics are being transformed by religion, namely in China--within the next thirty years, one-third of this potential superpower could be Christian. If this religious transformation occurs, China
China's Christian Millions
Under Mao, Christianity in China virtually disappeared. Now we are seeing what is probably the biggest revival in world history. Statistics from the Communist Party itself show exponential church
Christian Souls and Chinese Spirits: A Hakka Community in Hong Kong.
How do the people of a village that is both Chinese and Christian reconcile the contradictions between their religious and ethnic identities? This ethnographic study explores the construction and